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Herbarium 2017

Ludum Dare 38 competition submission, on the theme of "A Small World". Completed in 48 hours.

City Generation 2015

A JavaScript implementation of a procedural city generation algorithm.

BotaniTours 2014

Explore plants and gardens within a given locality. Developed in collaboration with text-mining experts from the UoE School of Informatics.

Career Explorer 2013

A self-assessment for university students, to help them determine their career readiness. Written from scratch in PHP.

Networking Game 2013

A game-informed simulation produced for the University of Edinburgh's Careers Service, designed to inform students about the nature of networking. Written in PHP.

Terrain Generation 2013

An original C++ implementation of the procedural map generation algorithm described here. Subsequently ported to the Unity engine.

Man of Constant... 2013

A game about wood-chopping made in 36 hours, with a team including one other programmer, one sound designer and two artists.

Engineering Art 2013

Sculptures produced over the course of a week with a small team of sculptors and engineers.

Meternal 2013

An experimental game made in 48 hours, with a team including one other programmer, one sound designer and one artist.

Commandos WIP 2012

A 'Commandos' inspired game prototype made independently.

ZooSpeak 2012

A puzzle game made for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 in collaboration with another programmer.

GameDevSoc Jam 2012

A two player game played over a network. Each human player must recognise the other from their behaviour. Made in 48 hours in collaboration with an artist.